• The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has offered to resign to save Kiev from shame

  • The resignation of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine in full can save Kiev from the shameful situations that constantly arise from the statements by the diplomatic office. This was stated by Vice Prime Minister of Crimea Dmitry Polonsky said on the sidelines of the Yalta international economic forum, reports on Friday, April 21, Kryminform.

    So a senior official said on a note of protest against the Yalta forum, which Kiev has sent Moscow. "The only possible solution for the Ukrainian side of this situation is to stop the practice of people who make such statements directly to the government of Ukraine. Because such statements discrediting first of all, the Ukrainian government," — said Polonsky.

    Crimean Deputy Prime Minister expressed the view that the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has no right to make such demarches. "Who are they? It's just a bunch of crooks, scoundrels, traitors whose actions destroyed once in General good country, good government. Therefore, carry with them some kind of dialogue, listening and, most importantly, really to respond to what they say is primarily to discredit ourselves," he said.

    Earlier in the day foreign Minister of Ukraine expressed a strong protest to Russia in connection with the international Yalta economic forum.

    III international Yalta economic forum held in the Crimea from 20 to 22 April. On the sidelines of the event will be a signing of a dozen agreements worth more than 100 billion rubles. This year the forum is attended by fifteen hundred people, representing more than 40 countries. Of foreign delegations most numerous Italian.

    Crimea reunited with Russia in the spring of 2014 the results of the referendum, the vast majority of participants who voted for this decision. Despite the failure of Kiev to recognize the results of the plebiscite, the Russian authorities are reminded that the question of ownership of the Peninsula is closed.


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