• The Russian foreign Ministry declared innocence to the action at the British Embassy in Moscow

  • The Russian foreign Ministry has nothing to do with the protest near the British Embassy in Moscow. This is the official representative of the Ministry Maria Zakharova said to the correspondent of radio "Moscow speaking" on Friday, November 4.

    "The foreign Ministry never called neither activists nor members of civil society to hold any demonstrations in front of embassies of foreign countries", — said Zakharov. According to her, this was contrary to Russia's obligations under the Vienna Convention, according to which the state should provide security and guarantee a certain level of security for diplomatic missions.

    The protest began near the British Embassy in Moscow on the evening of 4 November. Unknown scored on the territory of the mission, mannequins smeared with red paint.

    3 British activists held a protest action near the Russian Embassy in London. Near the gate was built the pyramid from the hands of the mannequins, and several protestors chained themselves to the fence.

    Diplomats appealed to the British foreign Ministry with a request to provide the safety of employees in case of recurrence of the action. Foreign office said, that has nothing to do with her.


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