• The mayor of the Ukrainian Bachmuth declared the building of the toilet

  • The mayor of Bahmut Donetsk region (Kiev-controlled part) Aleksey Reva has made a Declaration in the building of the toilet area of 3.5 square meters. This was reported on the system of electronic Declaration of assets and income of civil servants.

    The mayor stated that he owned 100 per cent ownership rights on the premises in the village of Bogdanovka Bakhmut district. In the same village he has a bath, barn, land and a house. In addition, Rewa has a small Arsenal of five rifles, three gas pistols and two carbines.

    Also, the mayor made the Declaration of a Hublot watch and Land Rover. Bank accounts Reva 58 thousand dollars, 50 thousand euros and 12 thousand hryvnia (about 30 thousand rubles).

    30 October it was reported, the former commander of the volunteer battalion "Aydar", Verkhovna Rada Deputy Sergey Melnichuk declared for the 2015 monetary assets in the amount of one trillion hryvnias (about 2.5 trillion rubles). While the annual income of the MP made parliamentary salary of 73 thousand UAH (about 180 thousand rubles).

    He later Melnychuk said, as indicated in the e-Declaration, such amount, to draw attention to the problem of corruption in the country.

    The law on mandatory Declaration by officials of their income in electronic form was signed President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in March. Normative act adopted at the request of the European Union, it was one of the conditions of the visa-free regime for citizens of Ukraine


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