• Medvedev urged the presidential candidates of the United States to abandon the horror stories about Russia

  • The participants of the election race in the United States should focus on domestic issues and not to focus on allegedly existing threats from Moscow or Beijing. Such statement on Friday, 4 November, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made in an interview with Central television of China, reports "Interfax".

    "It is their internal elections, not elections in China or Russia. The idea is that they should talk about their internal problems and not use some horror stories," said he. Thus Medvedev commented on the fact that China and Russia are very often mentioned on the campaign debate in the United States.

    2 November Medvedev said, what can affect the results of elections of the President of the United States from the outside is impossible. The Prime Minister stressed that Washington seeks to influence the political processes in many countries of the world.

    31 Oct candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton called his Republican rival Donald trump to talk about what links him with the Russian leadership and President Vladimir Putin. According to Clinton, "U.S. intelligence has confirmed that the Russian government directing the cyber attacks against the United States to influence the outcome" of the American elections.

    7 Oct published joint statement of the Ministry of homeland security and National intelligence, in which it was claimed that hacker attacks are the Russian authorities. The intelligence services noted that these actions were designed to interfere in the electoral process in the United States.

    The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov called Washington's attempts to impose on Moscow responsibility for cyber attacks is ridiculous, and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov — absurd.


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