• Medina joined in the debate on the Yeltsin center

  • The Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky has joined the public debate that ensued after criticism of Ekaterinburg's Yeltsin center Director Nikita Mikhalkov. The article of the head of the Ministry of culture ""the Battle of Yeltsin," how to teach the lessons of their own history," appeared on the website "History of Russia".

    In his publication Medinsky stressed that a sharp estimate Mikhalkov has caused not the very existence of the Yeltsin centre and not the activities of the first President of Russia, and the educational video shown to visitors, and a number of other public activities of the Centre.

    Speaking about the video, the Minister of culture writes that "the 1000-year history of the Fatherland "in addition to Yeltsin" is presented as a set of shameful abominations". The authors of the video, according to Vladimir Medinsky, the substitute of Yeltsin.

    "It turns out that a thousand years by many generations of our ancestors were "out of step" and only one Yeltsin "up". What is more — Comedy or stupidity? And on the other hand, it appears that the first President of Russia has come out of nowhere, behind him there is no history of Russia — no great triumphs, no real tragedies?" says Medina.

    Minister urges to treat history objectively. "Useful only acceptance of the pattern of history as a whole, without exceptions and shortcuts," he writes.

    However, the head of the Ministry of culture supported the performance against Mikhalkov's "injection of the destruction of national identity" contained in some materials, the Yeltsin center.

    "Destruction is not different opinions about the events of our history, even unpleasant. Destruction is the reduction of history to a primitive slogan. Snatching it from its complex whole pieces of logic: somebody snatches the Soviet era, someone Imperial who "Kiev", someone Yeltsin", — said the Minister.

    9 December during the parliamentary hearings in Council of Federation Nikita Mikhalkov made with criticism of the Yeltsin centre yesterday. According to him, the institution daily destroys national identity of hundreds of children because it gives a biased estimate of the history of Russia.

    "The presidential center of Boris Yeltsin" was opened in Yekaterinburg in November 2015. It was conceived as a socio-political organization that promotes the rule of law, the study and development of Institute of presidency in Russia. It is a Museum, library, archive, educational and children's centres, and exhibition halls.

    The first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin led the country in 1991. Five years later he was re-elected for a second term. On 31 December 1999 Yeltsin announced his resignation and handed over power to Vladimir Putin, who was at that time Prime Minister of the country.


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