• Medinsky told about the plans of cinefication of the regions

  • Small and medium-sized cities of Russia by the end of 2017 will open more than 200 cinemas, announced the head of the Ministry of culture Vladimir Medinsky. His words to the correspondent "Tapes.ru".

    On cinefication regions in 2015 was allocated to 2.15 billion rubles, said the Minister at the meeting of the 25th of the coordination Council for culture, held on 12 may in the Ryazan. During this time in small and medium towns was opened in 230 screens.

    Medina urged the regions to actively participate in the program. According to him, the cinema Fund is ready to allocate subsidies for the purchase of film equipment for support of the regions. "The payee can be anyone, this is a direct permanent subsidy. Everything you need enterprising entrepreneur is the desire", — he stressed.

    "Our requirement is the second session under the Russian cinema", — said the head of the Ministry of culture.

    In April reported, the Ministry plans. 24 the Russian circus for a free show in them exclusively domestic films aimed primarily at children and teenagers.


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