• Medina urged to enter into a contract for the Isaac between the ROC and St. Petersburg

  • The head of the Ministry of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky considers that the authorities of St. Petersburg and the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) must sign a detailed agreement at the St. Isaac's Cathedral. He declared it in interview to the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

    "In the first place should be carefully worked out contract between the Church and the city: the Church must ensure that it comply with what conditions the storage of the Museum values? As the Church will monitor the safety of the Cathedral, for maintenance?" — explained Medinsky.

    The Minister noted that in case of breach of contract by the Church, the state can take control of the Cathedral itself. "But if all goes well, with respect to the expectations of citizens — and thank God! The state has something to manage in addition to churches and cathedrals", — he stressed.

    In January, the authorities of St.-Petersburg has agreed to transfer the St. Isaac Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church for free use for 49 years. Governor Georgy Poltavchenko promised to keep the Museum function of the building, however this decision has caused the dissatisfaction of many citizens.


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