• Medina promised to fight the "ticket mafia" with the help of technology

  • The Ministry of culture of Russia has developed a bill designed to deal with the dealers theatre tickets. This was stated by the head of Department Vladimir Medina, reports "Interfax" Wednesday, may 17.

    "We ordered a system that will statistically gather information from our podvidov (subordinated structures — approx. "Of the tape.ru"). It is planned for implementation in the summer of this year", — explained the head of the Ministry of culture.

    "You cannot sell a ticket more expensive than the price specified in par. Will be strictly limited to the list of reasons why you can donate a ticket, and [to be adopted] a number of other measures," — said the Minister.

    According to him, the bill is the negotiation procedure. He stressed that all items were approved upon approval of the theatre community.

    Medina added that the problem "ticket mafia" applies not only to the theatres. "The relevance of museums and Museum boom has led to speculative prices of tickets were sold on the Moscow exhibition".

    Earlier in may user Facebook Tnargime Rǝnni published the post in which he accused security guards and cashiers Chekhov Moscow art theatre in cooperation with the Resellers of tickets. He suggested that the management institution is also steeped in fraud. The Ministry of culture commented on the scandal, calling the speculation tickets an integral part of a market economy.


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