• Matviyenko said about the undoubted sovereignty of Russia over Kuriles

  • Russia's sovereignty over the Southern Kuril Islands is beyond doubt, Moscow's position on this issue remains unchanged. On Tuesday, 1 November, said the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko during her visit to Japan, betrays TASS.

    Matvienko has noticed that the belonging of the Kuril Islands is disputed with Japan but not for Russia. "They moved us up to the Second world war, as recorded in the international documents. And therefore Russian sovereignty over them cannot be questioned," said she.

    Chairman of the Federation Council urged Tokyo "to be fully aware that there are things that Russia will never go." "The limit of Russian sovereignty over the Kuril Islands, and especially their transfer to the jurisdiction of Japan is one of them," she said. In her words, is "the position of the Russian leadership and all our people".

    At this Matvienko said that Russia is ready to compromise on the question of a peace Treaty that would suit Moscow and Tokyo. The main conditions she called "strengthening of international trust and the development of comprehensive cooperation". "Everything depends on the political will to go further towards each other. From our side it is available. Japan is an important partner of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region", — said Chairman of the Federation Council.

    17 Oct Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Andrei Klimov offered the settlement of the dispute between Russia and Japan about the Kuril Islands. "There may be dozens of ways of providing specific rights to Japanese citizens, enterprises and organizations of various forms of activity on the Islands," said the MP.

    26 Sep Abe expressed the view that the government will manage to resolve the territorial question in relations with Russia and conclude a peace Treaty.

    2 Sep Putin in interview to Agency Bloomberg said, that Russia does not trade in its territories. Thus, according to him, "Moscow would love to find a solution to this problem with Japanese friends".

    In 1956, Moscow and Tokyo signed a Declaration ending the war, which can only enter into force after the conclusion of a peace Treaty. A major obstacle to this is the unresolved dispute over the southern Kuril Islands. Japan claims the Islands of Shikotan, Habomai, Iturup and Kunashir, referring to the Treaty of 1855. In turn, Moscow insists that these territories became part of the Soviet Union after the Second world war.


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