• Mathematician presented a visual proof of the Pythagorean theorem

  • Mathematician Andres Navas, from the University de Santiago de Chile presented another simple and visual proof of the Pythagorean theorem. Devoted to the research Preprint is the author of published on the website arXiv.org.

    The Pythagorean theorem States that in a right triangle (i.e. a triangle with a right angle) the square of the hypotenuse (the largest side disposed opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the legs (the two non hypotenuse sides less). At present, there are over 350 different proofs of this statement.

    Navas uses theorem Boyai — Gervin, who claims runasaccountname any two equal-area polygons. Scientist makes two corners of the triangle ABC: the first around point A at an angle of 60 degrees counterclockwise, the second around the point In 60 degrees clockwise. Navas then calculates the area of the resulting polygon, composed of two polygons, whose area is equal to the area of the triangle ABC and the equilateral triangle with side s, where displays and required approval.

    The Pythagorean theorem asserts in his book "science Awakening. Mathematics of ancient Egypt, Babylon and Greece," the Dutch mathematician and historian of science Bartel van der Varden, was known in the eighteenth century BC, the Babylonians and Indians and Egyptians. Fame she received after the publication of 13 books "Beginnings" of Euclid, where at the end of the first book we formulate and prove the Pythagorean theorem.


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