• Brand Reima will measure physical activity of children

  • The Finnish company-manufacturer of clothing for children of Finland has developed a special collection in collaboration with the brand Suunto. Clothing with special sensor will help parents determine exactly how much time their children spend in active movement and prevent children's physical inactivity, reported the correspondent of "Tape.ru".

    The new line was presented at the design factory "Flacon". It includes jackets and sweatshirts ReimaGO with the special pocket with built-Movesense that fits smart sensor activity. Data from this sensor is processed by the smartphone app.

    As told representatives of the companies-the creators of new items, data on the activity of the child is transmitted via Bluetooth to a connected iPhone or iPad parents with the free application ReimaGO. It is already available in the App Store. Connect devices based on Android will be available in spring 2017. The physical activity of children is promoted in a special game in the app: the more the child moved, the more energy gets its character.

    Reima (original name Kankama) was founded in 1944 in Finland. Initially produced women's clothing, in 50 years changed its name and moved to the issue of children's range, patented vodootlivnoj material Enstex. Currently specializiruetsya on the production of clothing for active rest and sports using innovative textile wingon and modern technology.


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