• McGregor signed a contract to fight Mayweather

  • Irish fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Conor McGregor announced that he had signed a contract to host the fight according to the rules of Boxing American Floyd Mayweather. The word athlete leads TheMacLife.com.

    "I have the honour to sign the record contract together with my partners. The first and most important part of the contract signed. Now we have to wait for the decision of al Haimona (Advisor Mayweather approx. "Of the tape.ru") and his boxer," said McGregor.

    15 may the President of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) Dana white said, that the conditions of the duel between McGregor and Mayweather agreed. According to Business Insider, the Irish get for bout $ 75 million, Americans — 100 million.

    In March there appeared information about the fact that the fight with Mayweather McGregor reserved arena in Las Vegas. The fight will take place June 10 at the largest stadium city — T-Mobile, which capacity is 20 thousand spectators.

    The first reports about a possible fight between McGregor and Mayweather appeared in may 2016.

    40-summer Mayweather spent 49 fights in his professional career, in which he scored 49 victories (26 by knockout). The assets of the Irish 24 fights under MMA rules, 21 of which he won (18 by knockout) and suffered 3 defeats. McGregor stopped a career in connection with the birth of a son.


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