• Lukashenko spoke about his anxiety about facing the temptations trump

  • President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that his troubling foreign policy of the administration of new US President Donald trump. He said this in his message to the people and the Parliament, reports on Friday, April 21 the press service of the the head of state.

    "The recent actions in Syria, the rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula give rather anxiety about overcome if Washington is a temptation to try to re-impose its will on the rest of the world," said he.

    A day earlier, Lukashenka said, that his country is useless in the West. "There's such good as Belarus, and enough without it. And I love the West, you remember from those times. Nothing here has changed. We are living in the heart of Europe, forced to pursue such a policy," — said Lukashenko.

    11 APR Lukashenko has advised the leadership of the United States to restrict their interest to the North American continent. However, the Belarusian leader expressed the opinion that Trump has a hard time as President. "He needs to prove he can run the country. And there with give — and losers, and some wealthy," — said Lukashenko.


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