• Lyashko recalled the correspondence with the English Queen on Ukrainian potatoes

  • The leader of the Radical party of Ukraine Oleg Lyashko in connection with the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II told the story about how he was in 2012, had a chance to talk with her Majesty. It is published on the policy page Facebook.

    According to Lyashko, he learned that the Royal table is served with potatoes grown in Cyprus, and wrote a letter with a story about vegetables that are grown by the age of Elizabeth II, a resident of Chernihiv region Pauline Pavlovna Bondarenko. "Told about what Mrs Pauline worked hard all my life, and for that received a total of 890 hryvnias of pension, so they have to earn by selling their delicious potatoes, which have grown his hump", — Lyashko writes.

    Lyashko said that he did not expect an answer, but got it. "This detail suggests that Elizabeth was not divorced from the people that it is important to hear people refer to it", — he stressed. Quotations from letters of the Queen are given. The politician did not specify, did she Chernihiv potatoes.

    "And she loves animals. This suggests that she is a good person and not just a good ruler", — said Lyashko.

    Elizabeth II born 21 April 1926, however, this day is celebrated only in the family circle. Official holidays in honor of birthdays of British monarchs traditionally held in the second or third Saturday of June. This tradition in the late nineteenth century put Edward VII, who was born in November, but wanted to hold the parade if the weather is good.


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