• Lipetsk children played with a kitten in baseball

  • In Lipetsk the children in the eyes of passers-by played a kitten in baseball, said animal rights activist Svetlana Lebedeva. They tossed him in the air, "instead of a ball, holding the stick, beat it like a bat and were laughing together, how far it will bounce," wrote the woman in "VKontakte".

    According to her, children tortured animal at the market, until they broke up. "Kitty from monsters rescued, brought home, fed, warmed, and then I saw that its hind legs he turned," — said Lebedev, adding that the animal, who was given the nickname of a Cartoon, were sent for treatment to St. Petersburg.

    Animal rights activist is raising funds for the victim. "Now I'm going to meet him. While the kitten does not pass the screening, it is difficult to assess his condition," she said RIA Novosti.

    One of the most resonant cases of animal cruelty lately was the story of 17-year-old girls from Khabarovsk, which killed at least 15 animals. Concerning suspects criminal case, appointed psychological and psychiatric examination. One of them placed under house arrest after attempts to run away in Petersburg.


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