• The leader of Rammstein in Moscow will present your poetry collection

  • Vocalist of German rock band Rammstein till Lindemann will arrive in Moscow to present a collection of his poems, reports RIA Novosti.

    Presentation of the book "In the quiet night. Lyrics" will be held on November 18 at the bookstore "Read town" in the shopping center "Columbus". The musician will meet with fans and sign poetry collection.

    "In the quiet of the night. The lyrics" was released on 31 October the publishing house "Eksmo" in two languages, German and Russian. Lindemann's poems are accompanied by illustrations of his friend Matthias Mattis. The price of this volume is 876 rubles.

    This is the first book Lindemann, published in Russia. In Germany, the artist was already released poetry collection called "the Knife".

    The singer is one of the most famous German rock bands 53. His father is an artist, poet and children's writer Werner Lindemann. In addition to poems, Lindemann writes lyrics Rammstein, which has become a cause for scandal. So, in 2009, by order of a Federal censorship institutions of Germany were destroyed 85 thousand copies of the disc with the song Ich tu dir weh ("I hurt you"), recognised as cruel and immoral.


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