• The exchange rate of bitcoin soared above four thousand dollars

  • Course the world's most popular Bitcoin Sunday once again updated its historical highs. As of 06:20 GMT on Sunday, August 13, for one unit offer 4101,41 dollar capitalization currency approached 67.7 billion dollars, reports marketplace Coinmarketcap.

    24 hours Bitcoin (BTC) went up by 12.29 per cent. At around three thousand dollars for bitcoin cryptocurrency overcame August 7, six days ago.

    In early August, bitcoin split two currency after the user has rejected a new mechanism Segwit2x increasing the bitcoin block size to 2 megabytes (1 megabyte). A new virtual currency called Bitcoin Cash.

    In the first half of 2017 British, German, and Spanish mathematics predicted, what proportion of bitcoins in the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies by 2025 will fall to 50 per cent and the combined share of others rise.


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