• Ku Klux Klan supported trump

  • Radical far-right organization ku Klux Klan supported the candidate in US presidents of Republican Donald trump. About it reports The Washington Post.

    The article is in support of the trump appeared on the front page of the official newspaper of the ku Klux Klan, The Crusader. ""To make America great again!" — a slogan which is regularly used by Donald trump in his election campaign, writes the author of the material is pastor Thomas Robb. — We shall soon know whether it will come true. Ask yourself: who made America great in the first place? The answer is simple: America was great not because of the deeds of our ancestors, but because of who our ancestors were. America was founded as a white Christian Republic, and as a white Christian Republic she came to greatness".

    The headquarters of the election campaign, trump has made sharp criticism of the article. "And Mr. trump and his campaign headquarters reject hate speech in any form, — says the official statement. — This publication is absolutely disgusting, and the views of its authors do not reflect the feelings of tens of millions of Americans United in support of our candidate".

    The pastor Robb told the newspaper that while The Crusader has not officially announced the support of trump, the article expresses the enthusiasm that the newspaper feels the case of a possible victory of the Republican candidate. "Overall, we like his nationalistic views and his words about the need to close the borders to outsiders, illegal immigrants, — he explained. — I can't say that we all agree with him. But it is a reflection of what is happening around the world: the rise of nationalism and the restoration of the borders between countries".

    The U.S. presidential election scheduled for November 8, the main rival trump — democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. According to the data, which lead on November 1, researchers from the Real Clear Politics, Clinton is ahead of trump by 2.4 percent. After the third presidential debate between Republican rivals said that recognize the election results only in the case if you win.

    Ku Klux Klan, a far — right organization in the United States, established immediately after the civil war in 1865. The movement professed nationalism, racism, and then anti-communism, organized lynchings of activists in the abolitionist movement and the defenders of the rights of blacks. In the heyday of the strength of the organization reached six million people, according to various estimates, from five to eight thousand.


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