• Crimean border guards rescued a starving Ukrainians on the trampoline

  • Russian border guards pulled out of the sea of the citizen of Ukraine, who fell asleep on an inflatable trampoline in the Kherson region and was referred over to the shores of the Crimea. On Tuesday, August 8, reports "Interfax" with reference to the press service of border Department of the FSB of Russia on Republic of Crimea.

    The incident occurred at the end of last week. A young man on an inflatable shell found in Karkinit Gulf, lifted on Board and given first aid. He introduced himself as Mikhail Doroshenko born in 1998 and told that a security guard working in the resort area of the village Lazurne (Khersons'ka oblast). He went to sleep on the trampoline, standing on the dock, next morning woke up at sea. There's a man, struggling with thirst and hunger spent almost three days.

    Doroshenko was exhausted and was in serious condition due to dehydration and heat stroke. He was fed, clothed, and took him to the hospital, and the family was told about the incident.

    The issue of sending a Ukrainian home.

    21 July Crimean border guards saved drowning of a citizen of Ukraine. Man, likes extreme sports, decided to get Turkey on Board the trimaran. Due to the pitching of the ship rolled over.


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