• Crocodiles ate an experienced hunter from South Africa

  • Rescuers suspect that the crocodiles ate the South African hunter Scott van Zyl (van Zyl Scott), who disappeared in Zimbabwe last week. This publication reports The Independent.

    Van Zyl arrived in Zimbabwe on Safari. Together with local Ranger and hunting dogs he came to the river Limpopo. Rescuers found that men left the car, took the dogs and separately, went deep into the Bush, heading in different directions. Later, the dog returned to the camp without van ZIL. The fate of the Pathfinder not specified.

    The scene was launched a rescue operation. Missing South African hunter searched using helicopters and divers. Rescuers managed to find traces of it and backpack in the river. Then they found two Nile crocodiles, which can eat van ZIL. Now experts are analyzing the stomach contents of reptiles.


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