• The ship Dragon returned to Earth

  • Dragon spacecraft of the American company SpaceX brought the cargo from the International space station (ISS). Cargo unit on parachute splashdown in the Pacific ocean off the Northern coast of the Peninsula of California. The company announced on their page Twitter.

    SpaceX also said, that the vehicle is in automatic mode released parachutes for five minutes before touching the surface of the ocean.

    Dragon was launched to the ISS on 19 February 2017. He was taken to the space station Luggage to the viability of the team space station, as well as equipment for scientific experiments. In addition, the goods were samples with superbacteria, a feature of which is resistance to the action of antibiotics.

    SpaceX, businessman Elon musk produces the Falcon rocket and space truck Dragon. It is the first commercial company delivering cargo to the ISS under contract with NASA.


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