• Kola branch of RAS was headed by an Orthodox deacon

  • Director of the Kola scientific center, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) selected doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences and a deacon of the Russian Orthodox Church Sergey Krivovichev, radio station "Moscow speaking".

    "I believe that my Church work is my personal matter and it should not interfere with my work at the Kola science center, told the radio scientist. It, and so I don't take much time — basically, it's a Sunday, weekends, holidays. We do not have daily services. I am a deacon in the Church of the GreatMartyr Panteleimon at Udelnaya in St Petersburg".

    The main task on a post located in the Arctic science centre Sergey Krivovichev sees the formation of the strategy of science development in accord with the "development objectives of the region and generally for the Russian Arctic as a whole".

    With the name Krivovicheva associated with the discovery of more than 400 types, based on uranium and transuranium elements, synthetic materials, says "Murmansky Vestnik". In 2005, the international mineralogical Association named after the scientist, a new mineral found in the Arctic, — "krivovichevit".

    Currently, he holds the chair of crystallography, Institute of Earth Sciences Saint Petersburg state University. Has five patents on technological developments. Associated with Krivovichevit research is dedicated to 670 scientific publications. Is the author of the book "the Science of believers and belief of scientists..."

    According to the publication, Sergey Krivovichev was the first since 1917, a representative of the Orthodox clergy, elected to the Russian Academy of Sciences. To the diaconate he was ordained in 2006 and before that another ten years helped the priests at Church services.


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