• Collector from Novosibirsk condemned in Karelia for the threat of explosion and arbitrariness

  • Collector from Novosibirsk, threatening to blow up a kindergarten in Petrozavodsk, was sentenced Monday to 10 months of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony-settlement. About it "lente.ru" reported Vitaly Konovalov, senior assistant head of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) for the Republic of Karelia.

    "It is established that 26-year-old Renat of Khairetdinov, an employee of the collection Agency from Novosibirsk, on April 21 last year, 38 times called kindergarten, where he worked owe. However, he expressed a threat to commit an act of terrorism against children's educational institution, where she worked. The result is 262 child and 46 employees of the kindergarten were evacuated. The explosive device was revealed not", — he said.

    Konovalov also said that the amount of debt women amounted to 65 thousand rubles

    In fact the incident, investigators opened a criminal case about obviously untrue report on act of terrorism and arbitrariness. To search for the suspect was brought by the FSB. They found that the unknown called from Novosibirsk, from the office of one of the collection firms.

    In early June 2016 Khairetdinov was detained in Novosibirsk field investigators regional UFSB and delivered to Petrozavodsk. 9 June of the same year, the court sanctioned his arrest.

    "The man not only threatened by the explosion of the municipal children's educational institution, but also used in its activities, the techniques that are prohibited by law. In this regard, a criminal case was instituted under two articles of the criminal code," — said the representative of the regional TFR.

    1 January in Russia at the legislative level restricted the actions of debt collectors. They were forbidden to threaten mislead or apply physical and psychological impact on debtors. In addition, debtors are forbidden to contact people with a criminal record.


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