• Kobzon sang in Sevastopol "Victory Day"

  • In Sevastopol, thousands of people gathered on the Nakhimov square on the anniversary of joining the Peninsula to Russia. On Saturday, March 18, according to the portal "Our Crimea. News". Before the residents were made by the representatives of the city authorities and deputies of the state Duma. People's artist of the USSR, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Iosif Kobzon has sung a song "Victory Day".

    "This long-awaited event, this life-changing event for each of us, for each of Sevastopol, for every Russian citizen", — quotes ForPost words acting gubernatora of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov. "We ask, how many fathers do. Fathers as much as on this area. Fathers as much as it to the polls. All the camp was supported this decision", — quotes the Agency "Federal press".

    The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Alexey Chaly, in turn, noted that all the inhabitants of the Peninsula "was a witness to the miracle that many did not believe." "But it happened. It is not descended from the sky, we made it ourselves, it was man-made. We made it with the support of the Russian people, the Russian government and the Russian President. When we are United, we can do a lot", he added.

    After the speeches of politicians on the Nakhimov square hosted a festive concert, during which Kobzon sang several songs, including "Sevastopol waltz" and "victory Day". The event ended with a fireworks display. According to the organizers, the square was attended by over three thousand people.

    Celebrations on the occasion of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia also took place in many regions of Russia. In Moscow in the * * * 2.*participated about 150 thousand people. In Vladivostok, the celebration meeting released more than 17 thousand people. In Simferopol in the procession in honor of the Crimean spring, which was held March 16, was attended by five thousand people.

    The agreement on the accession of the Russian Federation the Republic of Crimea was signed on March 18, 2014. The decision on the annexation of Crimea was adopted by referendum held March 16. The events that took place in the region, then part of Ukraine, with the 20-th of February to the plebiscite, was in the story called Crimean spring.


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