• Klitschko told about the lost love of snow

  • The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko admitted that before to hold a post of the mayor, loved the snow, but eventually those feelings changed to the opposite. He told about it in the "Big interview" with Yevgeny Kiselyov was broadcast on channel News One.

    "Actually, before I was mayor, I used to like the snow! Something new, fresh, white. And now I began to hate the snow because it has to be removed very quickly. And for this we need to have good equipment that we purchase, we need the reagents, salt, sand, so if the snow falls, for us it was not a surprise, and a national disaster, just like old times," — said Klitschko on 1 November.

    According to the mayor, while preparing to present the autumn-winter period became the Kiev authorities for the most difficult, the city is ready for any test.

    In mid-October, Klitschko, talking about the snow machines that Kiev received as aid from Germany confused by the number, reported by the portal "Free press". "Today I met the 15 cars that were at the customs, 13 of which MAN and three Mercedes," said he.

    The mayor of Kiev known for his extraordinary statements, which often become an occasion for jokes. He is the author of the phrase: "And today in tomorrow not all can watch. Rather, a watch can not just all, few people can do it", "you Know, not in kilometers distance measured", "If a man wore a SS uniform, that is, he painted himself in those colors in which he painted himself."


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