• China successfully tested a "Black tornado"

  • Chinese aircraft Corporation (AVIC) successfully tested a light combat helicopter Zhi-19E, nicknamed the "Black tornado", was announced on Thursday, may 18, the newspaper "Renmin Zhibao". Flight Zhi-19E held in the morning in one of the airports in Harbin.

    The new helicopter is a modernized modification of the Zhi-9, which in turn was a licensed copy of the French Aerospatiale Dauphin helicopter. Takeoff weight Zhi-19E is 4.25 tons, the cabin is designed for two pilots.

    From the Zhi-9 it is distinguished by reduced noise level, changed the cockpit design to reliably protect pilots from frontal attacks and a number of improvements to prevent screws foreign objects when flying at low altitude. The machine is equipped with the bulletproof fuel tank. It is noted that "Black tornado" is superior to many helicopters in its class for speed and maneuverability.

    Zhi-19E is designed to engage on the battlefield, light and heavy armored vehicles, suppression of enemy firing points, support of ground troops, and can also be used to intercept low-flying targets.

    The weapons, which carries a helicopter includes missile "air-air", "air-land" and machine guns.

    According to "people's daily", the developers plan to put the "Black tornado" for export. For this, many of the settings and options are subject to change in accordance with the wishes of the customer.


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