• China demanded that South Korea not to shoot at the fishermen

  • Beijing has protested to Seoul after the Korean shelling of border guards of the Chinese fishermen. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

    "The use of weapons that could cause harm, may cause injury to the fishermen, and we call on the South Korean side to avoid the application of any special means in the process of law enforcement bodies", — stated the official representative of Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying.

    The incident occurred on Tuesday, November 1. Patrol vessels found 30 Chinese trawlers fishing in South Korean waters on border waters with North Korea. According to the guards, Chinese fishermen tried to RAM. The patrol started shooting machine guns into the air, but it didn't make the offenders any impression. Then the order came to open fire at the nasal extremities of the Chinese courts.

    As a result of clashes no one was injured, the South Koreans seized two Chinese trawlers.


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