• Intestinal gas led to the fire in a Japanese hospital

  • Flatulence patient was the cause of the fire at the hospital of the Tokyo medical University. As reported by Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, the conclusion arrived at by the expert Commission to investigate the incident.

    The incident occurred on 15 April during a gynecological surgery. Sudden fire spread to surgical Drapes, started the fire. The patient received burns to a significant part of the body, including the legs and lumbar region.

    To find the cause of the fire experts. They found that operating absent inflammable materials, and medical equipment was serviceable. The actions of the hospital staff also did not cause complaints.

    According to the Commission's report, the fire was caused by the flatulence of the victim. Apparently, farts women mixed with air and then ignited under the effect used doctor the laser.

    In July 2015 reported, authorities in the U.S. state Idaho are going to fine the cyclist, the fault which caused the fire on the area of almost 30 hectares. It turned out, the man did it, then decided to burn used toilet paper. Spark from it fell on a sun-scorched grass.


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