• Katy Perry spoke about the attempts to cure homosexuality with prayers

  • American singer Katy Perry stated that when she was a child of religious parents subjected her to reparative therapy — a practice aimed at changing sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual. It is reported by People.

    According to the singer, her parents, who were priests, sent her to a special camp where she tried to "cure homosexuality with prayers." She noted that the therapy did not help. "I have always believed that sexual orientation is not black and white as my dress," said the artist.

    Perry also mentioned his song 2008 I Kissed a Girl ("I kissed a girl"). "When the song came out, I knew that around it will start a discussion because she liked the huge number of people", — said the singer.

    In November 2016 reported, that Perry broke up with her boyfriend, British actor Orlando bloom. However, in December the artists appeared together in one the children's hospitals of Los Angeles in the image of Santa Claus and his companion.

    Katy Perry is an American singer and actress. Her discography consists of four Studio albums. The last of them, Prism, was released in 2013. The release of the new album is scheduled for 2017.


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