• A picture of sexual intercourse, Zuma and Mandela caused outrage in South Africa

  • New picture of the South African artist Ayanda Mabulu (Ayanda Mabulu), depicting the sexual act of South African President Jacob Zuma and the first black leader of the country Nelson Mandela caused public outrage. On Friday, April 21, according to Associated Press.

    In the Fund name of Nelson Mandela has stated that the picture "bad", though I respect freedom of expression Mabulu.

    In South Africa the ruling party the "African national Congress" also responded negatively to the piece. In politobedineniya urged residents to ignore the image that has already spread in the Internet.

    Users of social networks are actively discussing the figure of the artist, and Express a desire not to see.

    Earlier this month, according to AP, the cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro (Jonathan Shapiro), better known under the alias "Zapiro" (Zapiro), depicted rasteryaeva fly the South African leader before the woman dress which is painted in the colors of the flag of South Africa.

    Presidency Jacob Zuma is set to expire in 2019. In the country in recent time pass numerous protests. Protesters Express discontent with the head of Africa and its policy.

    Nelson Mandela is the first South Africa black President. He was one of the most famous fighters against racial discrimination. Died 5 Dec 2013 on 96-m to year of life.


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