• Karpin explained the reluctance to coach CSKA Moscow

  • Former head coach of the Moscow "Spartak" Valery Karpin admitted that he finds it impossible my job coach CSKA Moscow. The words of 47-year-old specialist was broadcasted by channel "Match TV" Friday, November 4.

    "Agree to lead CSKA, if I get the call from Giner? No. 've said a million times that this is impossible. Because I'm a player, Yes. Is there any chance he'll change his mind? No. This is a solid personal position," — said Karpin.

    2 Nov CSKA with the account 0:3 lost "Monaco" in the match of the Champions League. There have been reports that the current coach of the red-blue Leonid Slutsky is in danger of being fired. Giner such information is denied, noting that trusts you.

    The last club, which was headed by Karpin, was the Armavir "torpedo". He he held the post of from July 2015 to June 2016.

    With a small break Karpin has headed "Spartak" from 2009 to 2014. Red-white under his leadership became a two-time silver medalists of the championship of Russia (2009, 2012/13).


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