• "KamAZ" ran employees on a polygraph due to theft

  • "KamAZ" in the past year, checked out of 77 of its employees a lie detector in order to identify corruption risks. The Director of resource protection Department of the automaker Nikolai Lipatov told corporate newspaper "Vesti KAMAZa".

    Employees suspected of embezzlement and bribery, according to him, we have to test so regularly, since the security of a company depends on the reliability of personnel.

    Polygraph test in 9 months of 2016, has revealed the economic damage for the sum more than 30 million rubles. In addition, the device helped detect the risk of damage by 1.2 million and 242 million — loss of profits. To 39 employees of "KAMAZ" on results of the audits were applied disciplinary measures with the wording "for negligent attitude to their duties".

    For the first three quarters of "KAMAZ", at data the manufacturer, increased sales of machines by 23 percent last year over the same period, to 21.5 million units. Russia had sold more than 18 thousand trucks.

    "KamAZ" is on the 11th place in the world among manufacturers of heavy trucks and 8th place in terms of production of diesel engines. The company occupies approximately one third of the Russian market of trucks. For the first half of 2016, revenue of the automaker grew by 41 percent to 42.3 billion rubles, net profit fell five-fold, amounting to 27.5 million rubles.


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