• UNESCO thought about the inclusion of Gorokhovets in the world heritage list

  • Gorokhovets (Vladimir oblast) were included in the tentative list of world Heritage of UNESCO. About it reported on the official website of the organization.

    In the description of the city clarifies that its historical center has been preserved in original form. Furthermore, the principles of building the City do not change over centuries. It is noted that the city was proposed for inclusion in the list of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

    At this point in the tentative list of world heritage consists of 1677 and places from 175 countries. Among the Russian nominees for the taking under the protection of UNESCO — the historic center of Irkutsk and Yeniseisk, the Krasnoyarsk pillars, the Astrakhan Kremlin and other.

    In the list of UNESCO world heritage includes 26 Russian sites. 16 of them are included on cultural criteria, 10 natural. Latest in 2014 the list includes historical and architectural complex Bulgur (Tatarstan).

    Gorokhovets was founded by Andrew Bogolyubsky in 1168. The town stands on the right Bank of the Klyazma river on the highway M-7 "Volga". Of interest to tourists in the city are three of the monastery, built in XVII-XVIII centuries, the Cathedral of the Annunciation, erected in 1700, and civil development situated in the historic centre of the City.


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