• The Japanese have restricted lending to Russian projects because of the United States

  • Japan's state Bank for international cooperation (JBIC) has imposed restrictions on the financing of Russian companies and financial institutions. About it reports Rambler News Service Tuesday, 1 November.

    As noted, now JBIC will not Finance projects, which came from European or American companies. The state Bank will also verify that these "forbidden" programs did not receive money from private Japanese financial institutions. This is done to avoid conflicts with the United States and contradictions of European sanctions against Moscow, writes the RNS.

    22 October it became known, Russian Sberbank before the end of this year will receive from the Bank a loan of four billion yen (38.5 million dollars). Funds should be directed to the company-operator of the port of Vostochny near Nakhodka on the purchase of necessary equipment for the transportation of coal.

    Sanctions against Russia do not include provisions for loans in yen. However, Japanese banks are reluctant to cooperate with Russian companies, for fear of complicating relations with the United States.

    In may, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe at the talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced a plan for economic cooperation, consisting of eight items. The document provides for the construction of plants for processing liquefied gas, ports, airports, hospitals and other infrastructure, primarily in the far East.


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