• The Japanese group was criticized for appearing at a Halloween party in a Nazi uniform

  • The female group Keyakizaka46 from Japan was criticized for that at a concert in Yokohama in honor of Halloween, they appeared in costume similar to a Nazi uniform. On Tuesday, November 1, reports The South China Morning Post.

    The American branch of human rights organization "Simon Wiesenthal Center" said that the outfits participating in the collective disgust and called a producer Yasushi Akimoto and Sony Music to apologize for "inappropriate and offensive speech".

    "Watching as teenagers on the stage and in the audience dancing in similar to Nazi uniforms costumes, has caused immense suffering for the people affected by the Nazi genocide," said Abraham Cooper of "the Simon Wiesenthal Center".

    According to the official representative of Sony Music, the company wanted to identify the occurred event to Nazism.

    As the newspaper notes, Yasushi Akimoto is one of the producers of the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020.


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