• The Japanese designer put fatties in the form of Sailor moon

  • Punyus Japanese brand, owned by actress and designer Naomi Watanabe presented a collection of clothes based on the animated series "Sailor moon". About it reports The Mashable.

    The lineup includes models mainly large sizes. The collection includes t-shirts, pajamas, blouses, accessories and costume, reminiscent of the shape of Sailor moon.

    Sailor moon was created by Japanese artist Naoko Takeuchi. After the publication of comics in the early 1990-ies on the screens out the eponymous series, consisting of 200 episodes. The main heroine of cartoon — schoolgirl, named "sailor soldiers", to fight the evil that tries to take over the world.

    In mid-may, the Chinese company Meitu presented phone dedicated Saior moon. The gadget is made in pink color and decorated with the image of the heroine of the anime. In addition it comes with a selfie-stick in the form of the Moon prism. The collection has released in limited edition of 10 thousand copies and is currently available only in China.


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