• Japan has deployed a missile defense system to intercept North Korean missiles

  • Japan has deployed missile defence system to the West of the country, said on Saturday, August 12, broadcasting company NHK.

    It is noted that the move followed the threat of North Korea to attack the island of GUAM in the Pacific ocean.

    NHK recalls that, under the statement of Pyongyang, during the attack on the territory of a ballistic missile will fly over the Japanese prefectures of Shimane, Hiroshima and Kochi.

    "On Saturday in these three prefectures, and also in the surrounding Prefecture Ehime Prefecture came units of the air defense of Japan, who are responsible for deploying [the us anti-missile complex Patriot] PAC-3", — stated in the message.

    In addition, Maritime self-defense force of Japan sent to the Japan sea the ship is equipped with advanced radar system Aegis ("aegis"), for tracking ballistic missiles.


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