• Yamal musk oxen transported to Yakutia for experiments in captive breeding

  • Domesticated musk oxen from the fenced pastures in the Polar Urals nature Park in the region will be transported to Yakutia for further experiments on captive breeding, reports TASS with reference to the Deputy Director of Department prirodno-resource regulation Alexander Gavrilyuk.

    "Last year we began to communicate closely with colleagues from Yakutia, because they were interested in the experience of growing musk oxen from the point of view of content royalty. In Yakutia there are musk oxen, but they are completely free to move on territory," he explained. In Yakutia will send the younger generation of beasts, and with their help there will try to implement the Yamal experience in keeping animals in captivity.

    Freight will be held this fall. All musk oxen will do vaccinations and install the chips. The exact number of individuals to send as yet unknown. "It will depend on the issue," said Gavrilyuk.

    In February 2017, the Yamal zoologists launched the tundra musk oxen 50 to replenish their endangered population. Animals brought from the Altai region in 1997, and since then they have experienced adaptation in semi-wild conditions under the supervision of experts.


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