• From the NCCA after the merger with ROSIZO quit key curators

  • From the State center for contemporary art in the course of structural rearrangements will resign the head of the Department of arts, curated by Irina Gorlova, head of film and video art Karina Karaeva, reports The Art Newspaper.

    The dismissal was the result of the fact that the NCCA became a division of the Museum and exhibition center "ROSIZO". The merger took place in may 2016. At the head of the combined structure was the Director of the ROSIZO Sergey Perov, who began the reorganization of the center.

    Among the expected reforms is the closure in early November of the exhibition hall at the Zoological street, the cancellation of the exhibition "Measured time: the Polish performance 1967-1989", which, according to the Throat, fell victim to censorship. Also from the exposition will take several key works, including a series of performances by Jerzy Beresh "Romantic mass" of the 1970-ies.

    "All decisions are now taken by one person — Sergey Perov, to which staff need to justify and prove that everything works which it is proposed to show the viewer, are objects of cultural value, and not a provocation", — explained Irina Gorlova reason for his dismissal. "The situation in which we find ourselves as people engaged in art, it seems humiliating", she added.

    Earlier on October 25 about his dismissal also announced Leonid Bazhanov, founder and artistic Director of the NCCA. Then he explained the merger: according to him, the reason for the reshuffle — "the discontent of the Ministry of culture our work: for him, modern art is something dubious and in need of pervasive regulation".

    National center for contemporary art was founded in 1992. Its activities are aimed at the development of contemporary Russian art in the context of world art process, the formation and implementation of programs and projects in the field of contemporary art, architecture and design in the country and abroad.


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