• Ivanka trump will have an office in the White house and the access to secret information

  • The daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump, Ivanka trump, will get an office in the White house, reports Reuters with reference to the official representative of the administration.

    He confirmed that the 35-year-old daughter will trump their workplace in the West wing, as well as access to classified information and phone government communications.

    The official positions and salaries from Ivanka trump will not. She will help her husband, Jared Kushner, who is the chief Advisor to the President and regularly attends with his father-in-law.

    Earlier, when the work of Kushner in the White house was announced, the White house said that Ivanka trump will not run in the residence of the father, and will placement your family in Washington.

    Since then, however, the President's daughter is often present at events. Last Friday, March 17, she sat next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she visited the White house.


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