• Italian tourist in front of daughters beaten to death by a hotel Manager in Egypt

  • Italian tourist in the eyes of the children killed the Manager of the hotel under construction in the Egyptian resort town of Marsa El Alam. On Saturday, August 12, reports Reuters citing its own sources.

    According to the Agency, the incident occurred on Thursday. Italian Ivan Pascal Moreau (Ivan Pascal Moro), together with two daughters, six and 15 years old, were walking on the beach near the hotels under construction (according to others, they were going there to swim). At some point they went to the Manager who stated that this area must be prohibited and asked them to leave.

    Between men began sparring, after which the tourist has caused the Manager a few blows to the head, from which he later died. As noted Corriere della Sera, the Italian was detained on 11 August. Thus, according to the newspaper, his name is Leonardo Ivan Pascal (Leonardo Ivan Pascal). Reuters notes that he confessed to the murder.

    From the moment of detention of a traveler for his children watched the staff in which they lived. As noted TASS, currently, addressed the issue of sending the girls home.

    The Agency also notes that relations between Rome and Cairo remain tense since January, 2016: then in the Egyptian capital, were killed by Italian PhD student Giulio Regeni. His body with signs of torture, was found several days after disappearance. Versions of the murder of the law enforcement agencies of the two countries differ. In this regard, the Italian side has threatened Egypt's restrictions, if they continue to interfere in the investigation.


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