• Italian decorated children's clothing sad lions

  • Italian artist-illustrators Ilaria Guarduchchi Miri and Simon has created a capsule collection with the brand children's clothing from organic cotton Pipi&Pupu. The line includes tracksuits, t-shirts with long sleeves and athletic pants with prints in the form of animals: cats, dogs, pandas, bears, said "the Tape.ru" the representative of the brand.

    Animals depicted in a cartoon style. Funny characters Express human emotions (sadness, joy, interest) and doing human things: ride a bike, mix of songs for the DJ booth and even conquer space.

    Guarduchchi Ilaria (Ilaria Guarducci) is an Italian artist and Illustrator, winner of AnemOne Nemo Academy (Florence, 2010), winner of the next Talent 2012 Book festival Pisa (Pisa, 2011).

    Pipi&Pupu — Italian brand of children's clothing made from organic cotton. Promoting the concept of "kids (art) wear" — clothing that children can not only wear, but also to play with her. Produces models, flavoured essences with scents of watermelon, coconut, cherry, orange.


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