• A source revealed details of the departure of Malakhov the First channel and named his successor

  • One of the candidates for the post of a leading talk show "Let them talk" is the host of "Time" and the General producer "the First channel. World network" Dmitry Borisov. About it "lente.ru" said a source close to the channel.

    According to him, Borisov involved in the shooting test issues of the program, but he's not the only candidate for the position of lead. The source did not specify who else claims this place. However, Andrei Malakhov, whose departure reported earlier, still has not signed the resignation letter and has not made a final decision.

    To the operational review the First channel has failed.

    In late July, Russian journalist Egor Maksimov reported that Malakhov preparing to leave from the First channel to work for RTR. Information was also confirmed by the chief editor of "R-Sport" Vasily Konov, calling the transition "a fact and the main transfer sensation of the television season".

    In RTR also said that the transfer Malakhov "physically cannot happen" because the user is currently on vacation.

    Network started spread information about what candidates for the role of leading the "Let them talk" is Dmitriy Shepelev and Dmitry Borisov. In response Shepelev advised to contact the press service of the First channel and chose not to comment on rumors and Borisov advised to watch other programs.


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