• Spanish dump started guard the bulls

  • The owner of the landfill in the Spanish town of Montserrat was replaced by guard dogs fighting bulls. According to the publication Haffington Post, it was needed to protect the area from thieves. Over the summer and early autumn months the landfill has been robbed seven times.

    "Bulls roam freely across the yard, and, I hope, will cope with its task, — explained to journalists the owner of the landfill Emilio Server. — I'm just trying to protect their property".

    Theft started after a part of the territory was taken by a new road junction, because Of this wall, which protected the dump, had to replace a fence from the grid. Authorities imposed restrictions prevented the Server to build a stronger fence.

    Unlike the walls, the mesh does not stop thieves. The owner of the landfill found that they easily blow a hole in it, lure the guard dogs, and then penetrate and freely take anything you want.

    Cervero stressed that his concern is not the old rear view mirror, spare wheel and headlight, which he stole, and caused theft inconvenience. In addition, because the thieves killed four watchdog. They escaped from the yard and fell under the wheels of cars. The owner of the landfill is supposed to fool the bulls will be more difficult.


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