• Critics told why van Gogh cut off his ear

  • Biographer Martin Bailey in his book put forward a new theory about why the artist Vincent Willem van Gogh cut off his ear on 23 December 1888. This writes The Huffington Post.

    In the course of working on a book "Workshop in the South" Bailey found evidence that the artist could cause yourself injury because of the news about the forthcoming marriage of his brother Theo. The author notes that Theo meant a lot to van Gogh, and not only as relative, but as a sponsor. According to the biographer, the letter he received that day when he cut off his ear. To the letter with this message Theo put 100 francs.

    Up to this point, historians were another theory that van Gogh cut off his ear after an argument with painter Paul Gauguin.

    Earlier historians learned that Vincent van Gogh cut off his whole ear, not just the earlobe. This is evidenced by the discovered letter of Felix ray — trainee of a mental hospital in the French city of Arles, who took care of the artist.


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