• IKEA gave doll crib cats of the canadian shelter

  • IKEA donated for cats living in a canadian shelter, doll beds. The company transferred 10 such beds, as well as $ 300 located in Toronto, Etobicoke Humane Society, writes Metro.

    The publication notes that the idea to use designed for dolls beds for cats is not new. A few months ago in Japan, pet owners become owners of these beds from the "Duktig" and began to take pictures of their Pets, curled up under the blankets. In the Internet lot of similar pictures.

    However, draws the attention of the Metro, for cats at the shelter these beds are more than just cute props for photos. The animals can rest up from the cold floor.

    Because the shelter is not a commercial organization, it cannot provide its occupants cozy places to sleep.

    The cats appreciated the bed and quickly settled, although some prefer to hide under them, according to the newspaper.

    On the website "IKEA Russia" indicates that the batch goods "Duktig" help children feel like adults. "Imitating their parents in the game, they develop social skills. Complete with a children's kitchen and workbench come with lots of tools and accessories — just like real!" — the company noted.

    Puppet bed # 3.* sold with a set of sheets and cost a thousand rubles.


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