• The IG has claimed responsibility for the attack on the reception of the FSB in the Khabarovsk

  • Responsibility for the attack on the reception of management of FBS in Khabarovsk took the terrorist group "Islamic state" (IG banned in Russia). On Friday, April 21, reports in his Twitter SITE Intelligence Group.

    Previously on April 21, on the fact of attack on the reception of the FSB and the shooting was initiated the case under three articles: about the murder of two and more persons, arms trafficking and infringement of life of law enforcement officer.

    21 April, the resident of Khabarovsk Anton K. was born in 1999 opened fire at the reception of the intelligence agencies. Agency staff and one visitor were killed, another wounded. The attacker is eliminated.

    Also on Friday it became known that carried out the attack on the reception of the FSB in the Khabarovsk informed the teenager, together with accomplices made a plaque at the local shooting range. The result was killed by the guard in the vault was stolen 25 weapons. The alleged accomplice of the arrow 29-year-old native of Stavropol — detained in a rented apartment. He seized a Kalashnikov rifle fighting.


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