• The IAAF refused to provide Russia with information about figurants of the report of the McLaren

  • The international Association of athletics federations (IAAF) has refused to provide all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) information regarding persons involved in the report of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) under the leadership of Richard McLaren. This was stated by the head of wfla Dmitry shlyahtin. His words are quoted "R-Sport".

    "We asked the IAAF information about this, but they didn't give us the answer. They said as long as it is their internal investigation. So today we do not have information on the names," said shlyahtin.

    According to the functionary, to qualify for participation in international tournaments under the auspices of the IAAF, under the new rules, about 50 Russian athletes. "We have international testing pool. This pool and can apply. But of these, some suspended, someone is not. They are really in a pool about 50 people now," said shlyahtin.

    He named the new IAAF criteria for the participation of Russians in tournaments down to earth and doable. "No new principles were not published compared to the last time. But earlier there was one caveat — the people were not tested on the territory of Russia, and now this criterion is not" — said the head of wfla.

    21 December, the IAAF issued an individual permit to participate in international competitions as a neutral athletes the jumper in length Daria Kishineu and the informant WADA runner Yulia Stepanova.

    At the moment vfla disqualified indefinitely. Because of this, the Russian athletes allowed to participate in international competitions.


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