• "Church of Satan" engaged in combat with corporal punishment in schools

  • The organization "Church of Satan" were placed in the U.S. state of Texas, a Billboard critical of corporal punishment in schools. This is the website Nbcdfw.com.

    The poster with the inscription "never podvergalsya beatings in school", as well as a pentagram and the silhouette of a satanic idol Baphomet, appeared in the Texas town of Springfield, where in 2012 the Deputy Director of the local school spanked two high school girls.

    "In 19 States allow corporal punishment, and every year in schools legally beat more than 110 thousand children", — noted on the website ProtectChildrenProject.com, open the "Temple of Satan". The campaign began with Springfield due to the fact that those who attacked the students at the school were never punished.

    School district superintendent Michael Kelly (Michael Kelley) said that "Church of Satan" chose a strange time to advertise in Springfield. Although corporal punishment is still not prohibited, they decided not to use. In addition to hit the student, now requires the permission of a parent or guardian.

    "The temple of Satan" is an American political organization established in 2014 to fight for the separation of Church and state, social justice and equality. Despite its name, its members do not believe in the occult and do not worship the devil.

    In December reported, "Temple of Satan" condemned in Texas introduced rules for the treatment of the remains of human embryos. According to members of the organization, they violate rights guaranteed by Federal laws on religious freedom.


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