• The Governor of Yamal suggested to send young professionals to the North

  • The head of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin has suggested to enter the state order for working professions for Arctic projects. The recommendation to attract young professionals to the North has included in the General set of dialogue platform of "United Russia", reports TASS.

    "I understand that it is very difficult to reallocate labor resources of the major cities of the country to the North, but I think inevitably it will happen. We will be able to do this in a systematic manner or not, depends on us," said Kobylkin at a meeting of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of "United Russia" on may 17.

    The Governor noted that the new projects are already occupied and trained young professionals from across the country. As an example, the head of the region gave the statistics of gas companies "Yamal LNG": at its creation were involved 650 companies from 55 regions of Russia.

    Also, according to Kobylkin, the planned measures for the development of the continental shelf, the development of the Northern sea route and port infrastructure. With these projects, the Governor sees considerable growth of incomes of Russia and the region.

    The proposal of the head of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district are included in the total set of recommendations of the dialogue platform of "United Russia". May 22 will be held Parliamentary hearings on the Strategy of implementation of youth policy.

    "Yamal LNG" is the second plant in Russia to produce liquefied natural gas. Today its facilities have involved about 30 thousand employees.


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